Why is growing hemp organically so important?

Why is growing hemp organically so important?

Industrial hemp is used to clean up radioactive waste in places like Chernobyl. Why is hemp used for such purposes? There is no plant on planet earth that is as good as hemp for taking out the toxins of the soil. The plant literally pulls toxic chemicals, plastics, pesticides, radioactive particles and heavy metals from deep within the earth with its roots and brings them up into the plants stems, leaves and flowers.

This is fantastic for cleaning up a radioactive site or a farm you might of just purchased that was using pesticides for the last 40 years. It is also fantastic for the future of sustainable agriculture and being able to use the same land for agricultural purposes for generations to come, instead of having to abandon farm lands for all of the destructive farming practices we have mostly been using.

This is very bad, however, for growing hemp using pesticides if you intend to then turn that hemp into a consumable product. Using any type of pesticides while growing hemp, or growing that hemp on land that has used any pesticides over the last 40 years or has a high level of heavy metals in the soil, ends up in the final product that people consume and can do more harm then good. 

Normal practices do not apply to this plant. When you have a plant that does something better than any other plant in the world, like hemp does with remediation of soil,  you have to take extra precautions that you may not of taken before. 

All of these are the extra reasons why growing hemp organically is so important, but even if hemp was not so good at pulling toxins out of the ground, we at Frugal Farmers CBD are organic farmers by trade. Nothing feels better than pulling our plants out of the ground, knowing we can feed our children directly without having to wash them first because they are safe and are only a benefit. 

People first, profits second. Organic hemp is the only way to go when creating CBD products and if you don't believe us try our nations lowest cost true full spectrum hemp with a full money back guarantee. Try for yourself how good true full spectrum hemp can be, just like nature intended.  

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