Why is CBD so expensive?

Why is CBD so expensive?

Anytime a new industry is born, manufacturing costs are very very expensive. It is one of the reasons it is so difficult to change the world that we live in, change is expensive, time consuming, difficult and doesn't guarantee success. The Hemp CBD industry is about 6 years old at this point if you mark the federal acceptance of farmers being able to grow hemp on US soil instead of importing all of our hemp from other countries. 

Although industrial hemp itself has almost always been an industry, growing hemp for cannabinoid rich flower instead of sturdy stalk and stems is as new as the farm bill itself. 

When you grow industrial hemp, you basically throw millions of hemp seeds all across acres of farm land and let the plants, both male and female, grow vertically tall and lanky so that you can get as much stalk and stem from the plant as possible from each acre.

6 years ago when the first US hemp farmers started growing hemp for flower production instead, we all realized it was much different growing style then anything industrial hemp farmers had ever done. Instead of growing each plant directly next to each, we had to plant them each about 5 feet apart. Instead of not caring on the sex of the plant, we had to use either feminized seeds and take out the males as they grew, or plant clones of female plants so that no males were present in our fields. If a male was present its pollen would stop the flower and rich cannabinoid content of our hemp flowers from growing. All of these changes made it so that we could only plant hundreds of plants on an acre, not thousands.

Then we had to harvest. No harvesting machines existed so everything is done by hand. We took the plants out of the ground and spent hundreds of hours hand chucking the flowers off of the plant and into buckets. After that, we would use expensive machines that were tweaked to allow us to use alcohol to soak the flowers in, removing all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll and amino acids off of the flower. 

After that we would use this tar like substance in creating all of the various products you see in the market place today. Because this industry is so new, and we have to do so many things small scale and by hand, it makes manufacturing very very expensive and therefore expensive to the end user. 

Frugal Farmers CBD was tired of how expensive all of this was and decided to do something about it. While we are ways away from full market acceptance and therefore large scale machined operations, what we can control is the doubling of prices that happens when a company has another company manufacture for them and then doubles the prices again when they have a distributor sell their product.

We sell directly to the end user so that it goes from our farms, to your hands with the least amount of middle man price mark ups as possible. It is the best way to get the cheapest high quality CBD into your hands. 

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