The cheapest CBD edible is found at our CBD edibles store. For only $29.99 you get affordable hemp Watermelon gummies at 10mg per gummy square. Take about 3 of these squares your first time about an hour before bed if you have never had cannabidiol gummy's before. If you have taken CBD before and know your own dose feel free to take as many as you need to get your normal dose. 


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If you have never taken CBD before, the first month of taking CBD is really important to figure out your dosing. Basically, start with the recommended dosage adjusted with your own knowledge of your own "lightweight" or "need a strong dose" lifetime relationship with anything that can alter your mood or physical sensations. Take this amount about an hour before you go to sleep so that you have time to feel any difference that takes place. Also it gets you used to what to expect without having to be living your normal life when it works.


Generally, people report that CBD is very subtle and its almost in the background. Sometimes people comment that it is even more that you are not feeling as much anxiety as you normally do so that absence is what you are actually "feeling". No matter what you feel, decide if you want to try more or less the following night and keep doing this until you get the results you want. For the CBD watermelon gummy edibles on this page, start by taking 3 squares. 

Once you are satisfied with the results you are getting feel free to also take in the morning or afternoon to feel the same results during you day to day living. Thank you for giving this wonderful plant a try at giving you a little bit of help during the day.   


Here at Frugal Farmers CBD we asked ourselves, can we make the cheapest cbd edibles in America so that everyone can have access to this wonderful product while also using the best ingredients and manufacturing practices? The answer was yes yes yes!!

We have been farming hemp since 2015, way before anyone was buying it or before anyone knew what the word CBD meant. Even back then when it was much more expensive we saw hard working people not be able to take it 2X a day and therefor not be able to reap all of the benefits that CBD and this wonderful plant gives us.

We need CBD, we have an endocannabinoid system. It helps regulate nearly all the functions in the body and is why many people report different types of benefits they experience when they take CBD often and consistently. We like to say it's like when you don't have enough Vitamin C you get scurvy, and then you get over the scurvy when you eat an orange. Well with CBD, when you start getting it in your diet more any one of the many things that could go wrong with your endocannabinoids system of supporting the bodies regulation comes back on line and you see different improvements. 

Once we believed in this plant and these products, we wanted to get them out to as many people as humanly possible. But there was a problem, it was very expensive to grow, harvest, process, manufacture, test, bottle and then get our name out there. Our answer came to us suddenly, why don't we just sell directly to our customer so that we can give them the lowest cost possible? 

We did just that and are so happy to be the countries most affordable CBD, THC and D8 products in America. Getting this amazing plant into the most amount of hands as possible and not stopping those that can't afford $200 a month from getting 2 strong doses a day of full spectrum CBD.